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Track Stolen Laptop using gmail

Track your Stolen Laptop with Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook Accounts in just two minutes

  • 1. Select the Laptop Brand and write down Linked Account ID.
  • 2. Click on “Start Tracking” Button.
  • 3. Wait for the Laptop location Tracker to connect the servers and start the tracking.
  • 4. Complete the Human Verification incase Auto Human Verification Failed.
  • 5. After Successful verification, the live location will be display on your screen.

Select Brand and Enter ID


Human Verification

In order to prevent the robots from using our Tracker and to keep our tool safe from downtime, we use Human Verification.
Note: Human Verification is 80% more easy in Mobile Devices
Click “Verify” and download 1 app. After completion, Laptop location will be display on your screen.



Find my Laptop
Free Online Laptop tracker

Tracking GPS: ~ (zsh)

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